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  • merlot-dry-red-wine_d84e3b9a0cf985aa

    Thank you for reading the first sentence of unquestionably the least engaging part of this literary accumulation; the column I write. Some would argue the editor deserves combat pay for initially enduring my original work as he tests his skills on trying to make sense out of what I write. It’s a clever strategy of […]

  • IMG_1965

    Now that you have exhaustively ingested the well–put, concise and worthwhile content heretofore expressed (oh, how lawyerly), you have reached the Winepress Northwest cure for insomnia. As usual, I will try to fly below the editor’s radar as to saucy content, but when you read about our next guest, Cabernet Franc, you will agree that […]

  • Your-Favorite-White-Wine-Sauvignon-Blanc

    Again you arrive at the last substantive page of Wine Press that will ultimately result in floccinaucinihilipilification. This word will come to describe your critique of what you are about to read. I’ll save you and the editor(s) the keystrokes on Google; it means you will likely find this column worthless. What you are about […]

  • Gewurztraminer_-_raisins_sur_pied_de_vigne

    Welcome to the back of the bus. Congrats on having read everything worthwhile before this edition of Wine Press goes to the recycling pile; Or maybe it’s grave will be a physician’s waiting room where it will sit for a few years before composting, in situ. Wherever it goes, I do hope, assuming you have […]

  • redwine

    This edition of Coke circumlocution, a somewhat harmless act of narcissism, addresses a grape variety deeply integrated into the northwest of the USA and the southwest of Canada; the much maligned, often criticized, however staple-for-us-up-this-way, Merlot. Merlot has gone from being an obscure blending variety to a significant economic factor in Rogue Valley AVA of […]